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The Art Of Reben

Our process is built around cultivating and highlighting the characteristic sweet flavour of a local undervalued ingredient, rhubarb. Watch the first chapter about our natural process of creating authentic rhubarb liqueur using mother’s recipe.

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Our first collab is with a young artist from Amsterdam named Steyn Skyler. He brings an entirely new and fresh look on contemporary art. His work is high in detail and he keeps expanding his knowledge on varying art styles. On every one of his artworks a butterfly is found. This butterfly is his trademark and its freedom keeps inspiring him to create unique and new works.

Our Story

About Reben

We are Reben. Our story begun several years ago in a small village in the north of The Netherlands. Every time our whole family returned back home on New Year’s Eve; our mother made rhubarb liqueur using fresh rhubarb. This rhubarb was cultivated in our kitchen garden. Quickly, a family recipe was born.

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From stem to bottle

Reben x Steyn